Moneyatti Ice Cream Sticker App

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Moneyatti Ice Cream Emoji Sticker App

Moneyatti Ice Cream Stickers is a lifestyle emoji app centered around Master P’s Ice Cream Branded content. This app encourages hustle and entrepreneurship while presented in an illustrated style that appeals to all ages.


• Top Quality graphics.

• Great selection of well-illustrated stickers.

• Master P Branded emojis which features his characteristics & Likeness.

• Lifetime updates.

• No hidden charges, no ads. Pay once and have a lifetime of usage.

• 28 amazing stickers to start with, centered around the ice cream hustle lifestyle.

• Customer support 24/7.

How to use:

• Place stickers on top of message bubbles, photos, messages etc.

• Adjust size and rotation by using a combination of pinch & drag.

• Tap to send stickers.

If you like these stickers, please share to support the movement. #weallwegot #moneyatti

This app was created by @Darylenvi / Daryl Boothe | Creative Director of Moneyatti.